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Lifestyle Product Campaign  /  Motor City Denim

(13 Video Marketing Campaign, Vimeo

Brand Video  /  Impellia
Brand Video  /  Detroit Bold Coffee
Brand Video  /  AlertWatch
Commercial  Michigan Escape Games "Time to Escape" - 90sec Version
Commercial  /  Forgotten Harvest "These Are The People"
Commercial  /  Oakridge Dental "Another Date App"
Commercial  /  Heritage Dental "First Date"
Commercial Motion Graphics  LegalZen
Testimonial  Mavenlink - Ovation Solutions
Testimonial  /  eAdvisor
Testimonial  Forgotten Harvest & NBA Legend Derrick Coleman
Explainer Motion Graphics  /  SmartGen
Explainer Motion Graphics  /  Bingo CRM
Hype  /  Kirco Manix “DOW Chemical Co.” a Diakonia Production  /  Post by Detroit Reel
Education  /  “We Are One” a Diakonia Production  /  Post by Detroit Reel
Education  Motion Picture Institute
Charity  /  Forgotten Harvest & Downtown Boxing Gym
Charity  /  Forgotten Harvest & Blakes's Orchard
Charity  /  Forgotten Harvest & Delta Dental 
Event  / The Tapestry “Remove The Veil”
Micro Doc  /  Inner City Scholarship Fund, New York a Diakonia Production  /  Post by Detroit Reel
Micro Doc  Passion Light
Micro Doc  /  LaSed a Diakonia Production  /  Post by Detroit Reel
Music Video  "The Streets" 42 Dugg ft Babyface Ray / 3million+ YouTube Views
Music Video  /  Zoobelly "Love Drug Bunny" at Detroit's New Dance Show
Music Video  /  LetricKramer "Detroit City"
Feature Doc (Preview)  /  Movement 2004
Feature Doc (Preview)  /  313 Techno
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